Five Offbeat Getaways Near Pune

Here is an attempt to post the Five offbeat destinations (not in any specific order) near Pune or even Mumbai considering the travel to Pune is just 2.5 hours by road or train. Pune is blessed by mountains, valleys and rivers on all sides making it possible to find quick getaways around. Pack your bags, grab your cameras and lose yourself amidst beautiful scenes and picturesque landscapes.

Soul Searching In The Mountains

The fragrance of ajwain (bishops weed or carom) from the black tea infused the fresh morning air as we took sip after sip doing nothing but staring at the suns rays painting the canvas of the sky, feeling surrendered to natures way of saying ‘Good Morning’. These scenes from the little village of Khullara are fresh and deeply embedded in our hearts.

Maheshwar – by the Holy Narmada

Maheshwar as a town is well advanced with all necessary luxuries that a person may need with a religious touch that transports the mind and soul into trance. The sheer sight of the Narmada river soothes the nerves and makes the mind wander. One thing that starkly stood out in this leg of my solo trip was the power of the diverse gender.